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The Frontfoot Campaign is intended to help society to shape and negotiate a ‘New Normal’ for life during and following recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Our objective is to start a conversation to help find and bring to the public consciousness ideas that are aligned with our "three imperatives" for the New Normal.


Read about the three imperatives in our  White Paper .


Our Health Pledge is one such idea. It is also introduced in our  White Paper .


Please  sign our petition  to provide legal recognition for Health Pledges.


We are journaling ideas that are supportive of our three imperatives in our Life After Lockdown series of publications.  Contact us  should you wish to contribute to Life After Lockdown.


In Life After Lockdown, we are promoting ideas for economic recovery that support our three imperatives:



We have developed and shared new ideas for the reopening of schools:



On the lighter side, you can read about how the Health Pledge might have protected us from the Cummings effect in  our first Pub Quiz question for the New Normal !


The Health Pledge also features in our commentary around the reopening of tourism. How can global tourism recover from the sustainability impacts of COVID-19?