the frontfoot campaign


what is this campaign about?


The Frontfoot Campaign is intended to help society to shape and negotiate a ‘New Normal’ for life during and following recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.


We want to put society "on the front foot" and not be driven into a New Normal defined by a loss of freedoms and civil liberties.


The campaign promotes three tests that the components of any exit strategy from pandemic-related lockdowns need to satisfy.


The tests are that they:


  1. Are informed by tailored, values-driven decision-making at the individual and small group level.
  2. Encourage people to be more accountable to others around their private lives.
  3. Respect human rights, especially the right to privacy and family life.


We call these our "three imperatives" for the New Normal.


Our Health Pledge is one such solution, and there may be others.


We don't accept that our future should be defined by loss. Our objective is to start a conversation to help find and bring those solutions to the public consciousness.